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Niche, focus or avoiding change in your marketing?

Do you worry about the concept of targeting your marketing, yes that’s the word – NICHE? Here are a couple of thoughts that may help you start to reap the benefits of improved marketing, though better targeting. Sometimes we need to embrace change, however much we may not want to. Why might you need to […]

Networking for job seekers

Face to face networking


Selling, or networking – which is most effective?

Have you ever wanted to sell your services at a networking meeting, rather than waste your time developing relationships? I sat in total shock for a second. Then the thought crept around from the back of my skull, like warm blood oozing from a cut, I can’t just say what I’d like to say – […]

positive habits to develop and improve your networking meetings

A knotted handkerchief for better networking meetings

People poured in, chatting noisily, grabbing a drink and breaking into small groups in different corners of the room of their networking meeting. Then, like a shot of neat vodka in my throat, it hit. It was the same every week. Same groups, conversations and even the same corners. Have you seen that at networking […]

On-line networking


I’ve sorted out my LinkedIn profile. Now what?

I was working with a client today, and he asked me… I’m not sure really what to do with my LinkedIn account now I have it set up. Good question – and one which many of us are probably secretly wondering how to gain business via LinkedIn. I originally wrote this article in 2011. I […]

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Is Twitter changing and growing up?

Do you think Twitter’s changed since you were first on it back in 2007? How do you use Twitter for business as it grows up, has that changed? If I think about children I’ve watched grow up, there was a definite change as they went from infant to junior school (maybe that’s just because I used to […]