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6 super tips for freelancers to find work via their network

If you are wondering how to win work via your network as a freelancer, then read on for 6 networking tips for freelancers… Networking tips for Freelancers This time last week I was delivering a workshop for the National Film and Television School. I had been hired to help their students on the TV broadcast […]

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Why does networking get a bad name?

Here’s a secret that I don’t often admit, but for many years I detested the idea of networking and didn’t think much  (very British understatement) of those “avid networkers” that I knew in my corporate life. This article is about why, how you can improve your networking results by considering “the dark side” (and to […]

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Referral resistance

Referral resistance is something that many businesses suffer. People in their network would love to refer them, but it never quite happens. Here’s why, and what to do about it. This article applies in particular to people in networking groups, but the point is exactly the same for business owners who want referrals from people […]

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7 ways to improve your networking, if you’re an introvert

Think about it for a second, an introvert – how can they enjoy and get value from networking? I’m not sure what you think the definition of an introvert is, but this article has 7 ideas to help introverts get more from their networking. First let’s be honest. Many networkers are introverts, so you’re not […]

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A great tip to improve your LinkedIn Profile (and all the rest too)

More and more professionals are using LinkedIn and often ask “how can I improve my LinkedIn profile”. This article has one simple, but very effective, tip to improve your social media profiles. But first, my lazy Sunday afternoon. A quintessentially English afternoon? It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon; the sun was shining, but not too […]