Networking strategy

A Ceefax page, as a metaphor for how business networking is changing

Changing the shape, not principle of networking.

Business networking is a method by which many of us generate referrals, get support, great business ideas, generate sales and I could add many more. Each of us network differently and some dislike the idea of networking changing. They hold onto the way they are comfortable and don’t use some of the newer tools that are available. How do […]

Networking for job seekers

Face to face networking

positive habits to develop and improve your networking meetings

A knotted handkerchief for better networking meetings

People poured in, chatting noisily, grabbing a drink and breaking into small groups in different corners of the room of their networking meeting. Then, like a shot of neat vodka in my throat, it hit. It was the same every week. Same groups, conversations and even the same corners. Have you seen that at networking […]

Networking events with rubber eggs?

Networking groups are great…and total rubbish

Networking groups seem to be proliferating, with many, many different forms. I recently visited two very different types of group, and am wondering – which works best for you? What are networking groups? Groups of business owners meet regularly, perhaps over a meal. The purpose, often hidden, is to generate business through getting to know […]

On-line networking

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Is Twitter changing and growing up?

Do you think Twitter’s changed since you were first on it back in 2007? How do you use Twitter for business as it grows up, has that changed? If I think about children I’ve watched grow up, there was a definite change as they went from infant to junior school (maybe that’s just because I used to […]