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Have you ever heard the phrase “It’s not about what you can do but the people you know”? This phrase and quote rings true in today’s world. Networking makes the world go round. While you may have the proper skills and wonderful qualifications, you need to first put your first step and what better way than with other people?

The people you meet in your life can easily influence and change your world. They may offer you job opportunities or personal growth later on in life. For example, the girl sitting next to you in chemistry class can be the doctor performing surgery on you years from now. The teenager serving you at your local restaurant may become a reporter for a news station you may want to contact. The possibilities are endless when it comes to networking!

Although there are various opportunities to interact and network throughout the day, not everyone feels comfortable starting conversations or meeting new people. That’s what we are here to help with! Our company, Joined Up Networking, is a company dedicated to spreading the idea of networking with the ability to use the internet and its many resources.


Why is Networking Important?

Networking not only opens up job opportunities, but can also produce self-growth as a result of memories and shared experiences. Networking can be anything from a short conversation in the grocery store line about your company, to a large scale event dedicated to networking. These large scale events are typically specialized and targeted to and for a specific audience.

Networking on both the smaller and larger scale can open up job opportunities. The job market has been fluctuating in highs and lows for years. While technology has helped many people discover new openings, before those openings are published, the recruiters or company employees know about the opening beforehand. Let’s say, for example, you met someone at a restaurant who took a liking to your calm and impressive personality and you both exchanged business cards. If that person knows you are searching for a job and reflect kindly on your interaction, the person may let you know about the opening in advance.

Why Choose Us?

Our company is unique and full of talented individuals dedicated and excited to help people connect with others and find great opportunities! Our company, Joined Up Networking is all about customer support. We are easy to reach and jump up at the opportunity to change lives. Joined Up Networking, as stated above is full of talented individuals who are passionate about the awesome effects for networking! We are also unique. There are very few organizations and companies specializing in networking, even though it is such an important thing in our lives.

Jesse Molinsky , CEO , Joined Up Networking

Latest News

4 Cases Personal Injury Lawyers Won’t Take

Lawyers are always on the rush with piles of pending cases growing rapidly on their desks. To handle such situations, they have to be extremely careful and selective with their cases. Personal injury lawyer sydney often sift through and take up particular cases because chances of their success are relatively higher and they are thus able to finish the case on time. However, often times attorneys refuse to take on particular cases and that can be due to a multitude of reasons.
We have gathered for you a list of situations where lawyers might refuse to take on a personal injury case.

Unable to Pay Expenses

Did you know that most personal injury situations are taken on a contingency fee basis, which basically means that your lawyer invests a significant amount of time and energy in a case with no guarantee that they will get paid for their efforts. In such situations, the attorney only gets paid when they collect the judgement. Sometimes, your lawyer may pay for certain expenses associated with the case if it goes to trial. From paying to take depositions, copying documents that will be used as evidence later, preparing exhibits and even paying medicare experts to provide valuable information relevant to the case, the lawyer will have to look after all these incurring expenses.
In cases where these expenditures exceed and are too much to pay off, the lawyer may decide to reject the case altogether.

Time Consuming

Time is money. This saying holds true for lawyers as they usually deal with piles of other cases that might have more potential of success than yours or may be less time consuming, promising better results. In such situations, personal injury lawyers analyze the amount of time that they will have to invest in a case and if it is feasible for them.
Personal injury cases requires evidence, medical reports and sometimes even witness accounts so they may take a while. In circumstances where the cases may take a long time, lawyers may also not receive the money in due time so they are less likely to handle such cases.

Other Lawyers Refused Your Case

Believe it or not, lawyers value the opinions of those in the same field so if your case passed through the eyes of other lawyers and they rejected it, your current personal injury lawyers may also refuse to take the case. Not only does it indicate the position of your situation, but it also gives off the impression the case may take a lot longer than expected and may not have the potential to succeed. Clients rejected by previous attorneys are red flags for newer attorneys and it might also make you come off as someone who has difficulty sticking to one professional. Some lawyers may consider this as a warning signal, effectively discouraging them from taking on your case.

Inadequate Damages

The money awarded in a personal injury cases entirely depends on the damages suffered by the plaintiff. These may include a variety of damages such as medical expenses, lost earning capacity, property damage, mental pain and suffering, etc. Attorneys primarily want to know if they can justify the time, energy and resource investment they will have to spare for your case and that is ultimately gauged through the level of damage suffered. It is important to keep in mind that such cases are handled on a contingency fee basis so your lawyer will get their due amount after the verdict or settlement. Inadequate damage lessens the chances of the financial award and may cost additional time so attorneys may be discouraged to pick up your case.

The benefits of networking with like-minded people

Everyone has the kind of people they can network with. However, all people are very different, and it is very important that when you are looking for people to network with you choose them rightly. This is because you can benefit when you network with the right people who have while when you network with people who are not like-minded, you will lose a lot. To benefit from networking, you must select like-minded people. The following are some of the benefits of networking with like-minded people:

handshake isolated on business background

 1.    Networking with like-minded people makes you have a sense of community.

When you are working alone, you always feel very lonely since there is no one to talk to or even consult in case you require some consultation. However, when you are networking with like-minded people, you will be in a position to interact, and you will be free from isolated places where you work alone. When you are not isolated, you will have the sense that you belong to a particular community that is always there for you.

2.    Networking with like-minded people improves your productivity

When you are networking with like-minded people, you will all have the goals and objectives that you want to achieve by the end of the day. For this reason, you will be experiencing positive effects in all the activities that you are doing together. The result will be that your productivity levels will also increase to a notable degree.

 3.    The like-minded people you will provide you with their support.

Unlike when you are working alone when you are networking with like-minded people, you are always guaranteed of their support anytime that you are in need. You will have shoulders to lean on when you have any problems, or you are going through hard times and experiences. You will also be supported anytime that you need to make very crucial decisions, and you have some challenges. The like-minded people you are networking will offer you with the necessary advice and guidance that will help you to make the right decisions.

 4.    Networking is essential in sharing of ideas.

In the course of networking with like-minded people, you will be in a chance to share ideas. You will also come up with new ideas as you network, thereby encouraging innovation and creativity. This is not the same when you work alone and stay in solitude. Networking with like-minded people will also help you to be creative, just like the people you are networking with.

 5.    Networking with like-minded people makes you feel happy

When you are networking with like-minded people, you get to socialise. The time you spend with these people will always be significant since you will not only have companions, but they will always make you happy as you network with them.


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